Lululemon Photo Shoot

We're so excited to finally share these images! I know, very different than our usual wedding posts, but we love doing commercial work as well!

 In the late fall of last year, 2016, we were approached by Lululemon. They were planning on being in the area to shoot a few ad campaigns for their new line of clothing and accessories coming out. We were available one of the dates still and of course happy to be a part of it! 

It was a super early morning and we had the task of providing very natural hair and makeup for the 4 real athlete models that day. We had to be completed within 1 hour as the production team and talent needed to get on the road to make it to their destination for the morning light.  We had a blast doing this shoot and hope to do more!

Creative Team:

Planning, Design, Photography & apparel - Lululemon

Hairstylist- Jordanna of Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.

Makeup artist- Nicole of Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.